Cancellation policy: 

  1. An order can be cancelled within 2 hours or in 'Processing' status. Post that cancellation request will not be entertained by any means and in any circumstance.
  2. Order shall be considered as completed if it returns due to wrong billing information provided by the customer. To get back the same order, additional transportation charges will be applied.
  3. 20% of order amount (excluding transportation charges) + 100% transportation charges will be charged as penalty if customer wishes to have refund in the above case.

Refund Policy: 
  1. Complete refund shall be provided if order is not dispatched within 7 working days.
  2. Complete refund shall be provided if order is cancelled due to unavailability of product(s).
  3. No refund shall be given if customer refuses to accept the order. Additional transportation charges will be levied to get the same order. Customer can request for the same order again with additional transportation charges, post that this order will be forfeited and refund shall not be given.
  4. In case refund is given into customer account, customer will be liable for the account details provided. Ayurvedic Upchar will not be responsible and liable for refund, partial or complete, if bank account details (in which customer has requested for refund) is found incorrect.



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